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Building & Planning

The Building and Planning Department is committed to protecting public safety through the issuance of building permits and inspecting various stages of construction. Through the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code, staff ensure a minimum standard of health, life and fire safety standards are maintained. We do this through the issuing of permits, reviewing construction plans, inspecting at various stages of construction. Staff also track and report to interested parties the status of the construction and compliance with applicable legislation and codes.

Building permits are required for the construction of new buildings or structures, building additions, swimming pools and for most building alterations. 

The building and planning department issues permits, reviews permit applications and conducts inspections.

Call to book an appointment.

Scott Richardson, Chief Building Official


Phone: 613 474-2583
Fax: 613 474-0664


MONDAY 1pm - 3pm

WEDNESDAY 1pm - 3pm

THURSDAY 1pm - 3pm

If you need to reach the Building Official Outside of these hours please call:

1-855-474-2583 OR 613-474-2583


Zoning of Property


Here are maps to check the zoning of your property.

Tudor Area Map

Cashel Area Map

The County of Hastings has developed a Mapping program that includes zoning information for the municipalities.  As of January 2019 Tudor and Cashels information has not been included in this mapping but other member municipalities information is available.



Once you have looked up your zoning through the mapping above you can check the set backs and regulations with regards to the zoning.

Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw



When applying for a severence, it is recommended that the applicant contact the Hastings County Planning Department at 613-966-6712 ext. 4002.  This will confirm that there are no restrictions on the property that may prevent the severence.

Once you have confirmed with the county that there are no obvious restrictions an application for consent form must be filled out. click here for form

If you work in construction, the rules for mandatory WSIB coverage have changed.  Do you run your own construction business? Big or small, with workers or without, you still need to know what's changed. Find out what it means for you.

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